Is BAS/IAS included in the Accounting Bookkeeping Program?

Is BAS/IAS included in the Accounting Bookkeeping Program?

Yes BAS/IAS is included in the ABP.

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    • What training program do you offer?

      We have 5 programs and also some short courses available. Two programs for accounting: Accounting & Bookkeeping Program and Assistant Accountant Program. And two programs for taxation: Individual tax return and Tax-pert program. And one more program ...
    • What is the difference between GST free and BAS excluded tax codes?

      GST Free Expenses will be used for all the purchases you make that don't have GST in them. BAS Excluded will be used for things that don't get included in your Business Activity Statement.
    • Can I put program on hold?

      Yes, you can put the program on hold for a maximum of 30 days prior to program expiry. You would need to email the, specify the dates and provide genuine reasons. Program extension is charged at $70 per week. If you ...
    • Can we have access to lecture materials or software after program expiry?

      We provide limited access to course materials and training software. You can access resources after program expiry through our subscription plan. The cost will be $70 per week
    • Why are the program topics locked? Can I start Xero and MYOB at the same time?

      Interns are expected to follow the order of the program. Your modules will be unlocked when you finish the previous required modules and pass the assessments. We recommend interns to focus on one software at a time, so you cannot start Xero and MYOB ...